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garlic stickers

Rocking some garlic sticker awesomeness!

A few weeks ago, I was thinking about a way to show appreciation to some of our social media followers.  Maybe a fun little item to use in some spontaneous giveaways.  What did I come up with?  Stickers.

I mean who doesn’t like stickers.  I wear them nearly every day – not usually by choice mind you but by the sheer will of a six year old daughter who believes I should wear one….   At all times….

The latest Disney Princess stickers….check.

Hello Kitty stickers…..check.

I am well versed in the application of a nice sticker across arm hair and the subsequent pain with the removal of said sticker.

So I got about 100 stickers made that said “Peace Love Garlic” because that is what life is all about right?  I sent a couple out to some twitter followers that have been interactive on the twitterverse.  We obviously had to send some to the UK rock band The Megadudes since that have a song entitled Garlic Dad (go watch the video now).  We even had a contest on April 19th (National Garlic Day) where we selected three random Twitter followers and sent them a small Garlic Geek gift package that had a couple of the PLG stickers thrown in there.  They loved them!

Big thanks to @GarlicGeeks for sending these lovely stickers. One is going on my guitar for sure. Thanks so much!  ~ @TheMegadudes


@GarlicGeeks hey guys! stickers came today, most awesome 🙂 one has gone straight in the truck window ~ @totalsoulpatch


Thanks for the awesome goodies @GarlicGeeks! ~ @girlichef


A couple of folks on Facebook, Twitter, and IRL (in real life) inquired about buying some of the stickers.

Well, we figured – sure, why not?  If you gaze over to the right sidebar of the site you will see the “Peace Love Garlic” stickers for sale.  Shipping is only one dollar US – no matter how many you buy or where you live on this planet.

Look for more sticker options to be available soon!

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