How to Peel Garlic in 10 Seconds


This is so awesome!!!

The quickest way I have seen to peel garlic ever.

How to Peel a Head of Garlic in Less Than 10 Seconds from on Vimeo.

I can totally see a new kitchen product – Kitchen Maracas!  Just place your garlic cloves into the maracas, twist the top on and get your Charo on dancing around the kitchen.  Wa la – peeled garlic.  You heard it here first!

Of course you know I had to try this for verification purposes.  I didn’t have two large metal bowls as the gentleman in the video, so I used the next obvious choice….  Which of course was the stainless steel cocktail shaker from the bar.  I decided to try it on a smaller scale and put 4 cloves in the shaker.  I then proceeded to get busy doing the Dougie around the kitchen.  Results?

Outside of the look of bewilderment from the wife, It totally worked!  Check out the pictures below.


Cocktail? No peeling garlic.

4 in the chamber

The Results – peeled garlic!

I know you people are going to go and try this and would love to hear your results.

Side note: I am debating whether or not to wash the shaker out and see if anyone notices the slight hint of garlic in their next drink.

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