Operation Garlic Thunder

Garlic Thunder

Fresh milled garlic powder and garlicky BBQ rub

That’s right folks, commence Operation Garlic Thunder!

What is Operation Garlic Thunder you ask?  It is the code name for my experimental entity to develop fun, innovative, and perhaps slightly obnoxious garlic products.  The world needs more garlic awesomeness people!  Whether from many of the fabulous local garlic farmers though out the world or the slightly warped inner workings of my mind.  It’s go time.

Although seriously, everyone should have a project with a killer code name?  The benefits are numerous, specifically when mentioned in conversations.

Friend: Hey Ed, what are you up to?

Me: Operation Garlic Thunder

Friend: <insert facial expression of wtf and are you serious>

Friend: What is that?

Me: Just prepare yourself <walks away in mysterious silence>

First up is freshly milled garlic powder.  I just can’t bring myself to buy the garlic powder in the local super markets.  These products are all from China, which irradiates their garlic and you have no idea how long the product has been in storage.  The color, smell, and taste are all inferior to that of freshly dehydrated and milled garlic.  Not being able to find any fresh garlic powder locally, I decided to start to make my own.  Sourcing the garlic locally, regionally, or nationally with in the USA. The results are fantastic – you can’t beat the freshness and stronger flavor.

Next, we combine two of my favorite things in the world – garlic and BBQ.  To quote the Beastie Boys “Slow and low that is the tempo” – especially when it comes to good BBQ.  I love smoking meats at a low temperature for a long time.  BBQ can be very subjective especially depending on where you are from – beef or pork, sauce or no sauce, type of wood used to smoke, etc.  It actually becomes an art form and takes some practice to get the food just right.  This of course leads to tinkering with creating different sauces and rubs for experimental purposes.

We wanted to create a blend that had all the elements to hit the palate – sweet, salty, savory, spicy.  We also wanted it to have a nice undertone of garlic flavor – not to overwhelm the product as a whole but enough to have you garlic geeks nodding your head in approval.

The benefit of Operation Garlic Thunder to you?  Well, we are going to need some volunteers to help with feedback on products!  Read: we send you samples and you give us the low down on what you think.  So if you have not already, sign up for our newsletter and connect with us on social media (twitter, facebook, pinterest, google +) to hear when we need guinea pigs volunteers!

Peace (and garlic)

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