Garlic Hot Sauce

muy caliente

muy caliente

I am definitely a hot sauce fan.  There are’t many food items to me that can’t be improved with a hit of sriracha or a splash of hot sauce.  I have tried most of the commercial hot sauces and the one I have been digging lately is Frank’s Red Hot Sauce.  Frank’s certainly is not the hottest of sauces on the market but to me, the flavor is excellent.

Looking at the ingredients for Frank’s, it reads: aged cayenne peppers, distilled vinegar, water, salt, garlic powder.  That Frank, I knew I liked him.  Throwing in a little garlic action to his hot sauce concoction.  Internet high five to you Frank where ever you are.

Frank’s has a few simple ingredients, however the one they forgot to list is time.  Frank’s uses ‘aged’ cayenne peppers.  Translation, they mash em up and ferment them for an undisclosed amount of time.  That ‘aging’ process gives the peppers an entirely different flavor profile than what you get with fresh peppers.  The peppers flavor and heat mellow during this fermentation process.

So you know what all this means right?  Yeah, we gotta make our own version of Frank’s hot sauce with a little more garlic kick and minus the pepper fermentation.  Fortunately the local farmers market just so happened to have a nice variety of chili peppers available.  I purchased a nice pint sized basket of devilish looking cayenne peppers.

Couple of notes when handling hot chili peppers:

1. Use latex or culinary gloves when cutting and handling the peppers.  Because if you are like me, you will forget you just handled the hot chili of death and rub your eye.  This will in turn reduce you to a hysterical, profanity laden, moron that is stooped over a sink wildly splashing water into an eye that is 50 shades of Red.  Yeah I’ve done that.

2. When cooking hot chili peppers in a pot full of vinegar it is best not to stick your head over the pot and get a good whiff of what’s cooking.  I learned that one today.

Public Service Announcements aside, lets make us some garlicky hot sauce!

Garlic Hot Sauce Ingredients:

18 – 20 cayenne peppers

1 1/2 cups of white vinegar

1/2 cup of filtered water

5 garlic cloves minced

1 tsp kosher salt

everyone in the pool!

everyone in the pool!



Cut the stems off the peppers and then chunk them into big pieces.

Place all ingredients except garlic powder into the pot and bring to a boil.

Turn heat down a little still maintaining a simmer.  Simmer for 20 -25 minutes.

Remove from the heat and let rest for 10 minutes.

Pour into a blender (carefully) and blend thoroughly until thick and smooth.

I like to pour the blended mixture into a canning jar and place in the fridge to let the flavors get all happy together.

You can use the hot sauce as is or strain through a fine mesh strainer for a more liquid hot sauce.

it hurts so good!

it hurts so good!

Next time I am gong to experiment with adding a 1/2 tbl garlic powder when blending the mixture up and up the garlic flava a little more.

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