Garlic Fried Rice – the Ultimate Late Night Food?

Hangover Helper

Hangover Helper

You know you’ve been there.

Out on the town for a late night bender with friends.  Bar hopping and carousing, laughing the night away over martini’s, gin and tonics, beer and shots.  After the taxi deposits you to your home, you stumble into the house.  As you fight to take your left shoe off you suddenly realize that the only things you have had to eat were the olives out of your martini and a handful of nuts from the bar.

Past history has determined that this scenario does not bode well for tomorrow morning.  Meaning head pounding hangover central.  Off you stumble to the refrigerator and open the door.  As you gaze at the contents on each shelf you suddenly see it.  White light shines out of the cold box and you hear angels sing.  You actually almost tear up with happiness upon seeing a half full tupperware of left over garlic fried rice.

You snatch that container of garlicky goodness and throw it in the microwave.  Now you rifle through the cabinets like a mobster looking for the bottle of Sriracha. The spice rack takes a hit – spices are down, I repeat spices are down.  Bottle of rooster sauce in hand you return to the microwave knowing full well when it is done, you are going to go all neanderthal on that shit.  It is going to be like a two week old blind antelope taking on a ravenous 350 pound lion.

The microwave goes Ding! (fade to black)

As you slowly wake up on the couch the next morning, you notice that your roommate/spouse/partner is looking at you with a combination of bewilderment and disgust.  As you survey the situation, you realize there are grains of rice all over your face, clothes, floor, and couch.  You also feel a slight Sriracha smudge on your right cheek.  Sure you feel a little fuzzy but all in all you don’t feel that bad.  You know why?  The fried rice saved your ass by soaking up much of last nights debauchery.  You silently congratulate yourself while trying to figure out how to explain the situation to the person still looking at you in amazement.

* Any likeness of the character above to the author or readers is NOT coincidental – you know you have done this!

The beauty of fried rice is that you can pretty much put anything you want in there – pork? tofu? kitchen sink?  Throw it all in there and mix it up.

Here is my simple take on garlic fried rice – I hope you enjoy.

Garlic Fried Rice
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Serves: totally depends
The perfect hangover prevention? Maybe, maybe not - but it taste damn good at 2:00 AM.
  • 3 cups cooked rice ( I have been on a brown jasmine rice kick lately)
  • 4 - 5 cloves of garlic minced
  • 2 eggs (lightly scrambled)
  • ½ cup frozen peas
  • 2 tbl vegetable oil (any light oil)
  • Sriracha should be mandatory, but will let you decide for yourself
  1. Add oil and minced garlic to wok (or pan) and bring to medium heat
  2. As oil heats up continue to saute garlic until fragrant and starts to brown
  3. Add in rice and mix with oil and garlic - fry for two minutes
  4. Crack in the two eggs over the rice and stir to mix thoroughly
  5. Add peas
  6. Continue cooking and tossing until egg is cooked and incorporated into the rice.
  7. Serve with some sriracha (but save some for left overs/the night out)


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