Garlic Confit

garlic confit

Ladies and gentleman, today we shall discuss confit.  Pronounced con-feeee in your most obnoxious French accent.  Confit is basically a fancy way of saying we are going to slow cook an item in a substance (usually a fat).  For example, duck confit is prepared by poaching a leg of duck in rendered duck fat.  Mmmmm duck fat.

For our garlic confit purposes, we only need two things – garlic and a fat (in this case olive oil).


Everyone in the pool!

Everyone in the pool!

The key to this technique is to start slow and low.  Low heat and let the oil slowly heat up and roast the garlic – keeping an eye the color you want the garlic to achieve.  Depending on your tastes, you can let the garlic roast to a light blonde to a nutty golden brown.  I prefer the latter.  Either way, what you will get is garlic awesomeness that can be used in any recipe that calls for roasted garlic.  Mashed potatoes, soups….you name it.

And that garlic infused olive oil that is produced?  Well that is what I call liquid gold.  Nectar of the gods.  The shiznit.   I use that in anything and everything – from pizza dough, to marinades, to my cologne (kidding).

Make up a big batch of garlic confit and it will keep fine in the fridge for two weeks.  Although if you use it as often as I do, it probably won’t last a week 🙂

When you want to get all fancy and impress your friends, next time you make this, throw in a few sprigs of rosemary and meyers lemon slices.  Jar it up and give it to them as a gift.  Trust me you will become known as the ‘confit dealer’.  Play around with different flavor profiles from orange peels to dried Arbol chili peppers.

Roasted garlic awesomeness and liquid gold

Roasted garlic awesomeness and liquid gold

* side note – if you finely mince some anchovies and throw them in the pot you basically have crack bagna cauda.


Garlic Confit
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Garlic confit - slow roasting garlic submerged in olive oil.
  • 6 heads of garlic (at least) cloves peeled
  • enough olive oil to cover the cloves
  1. Add garlic cloves and olive oil to a pot. Turn burner on lowest setting and slow cook the garlic for about 45 minutes or until your desired color.



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