Cheesy Garlic Bread Chips

The Cheesy Garlic Bread Chips

The Cheesy Garlic Bread Chips

I admit I am not a huge potato chip person.  Normally the closest I get to chips are tortilla chips for guacamole or salsa.  Ok, fine there is the occasional midnight slaughter of some Doritos after a nice bender of a evening.

I recently stumbled on a social media driven contest Frito-Lay is having for a couple new chip flavors.  The contest being that the flavor that gets the most votes from the public will stay on the super market shelves.  What are the three flavors you ask?

  • Cheesy Garlic Bread
  • Sriracha
  • Chicken and Waffles

First of all, the fact that you can manufacture the three flavors above and somehow impart them on a piece of fried potato is quite impressive…if not scary.   Sure these chips no matter what flavor are probably not good for you but as ‘they’ say, anything in moderation.

I do have a large soft spot for anything with Sriracha and if you have never experienced the awesomeness of the combination of fried chicken and waffles, you are totally missing out.  Even Gladis Knight (and the Pips) has a chicken and waffle restaurant.  However, the obvious stand out to me is the Cheesy Garlic Bread Lays chips.  I must have.

The chips made their debut to the mass market on February 12, 2013.  The contest to vote for your favorite runs until May 4, 2013.  I am not as intrigued with the contest as I am with trying chips that allegedly taste like cheesy garlic bread.

Cheesy Garlic Bread available immediately!

Cheesy Garlic Bread available immediately!


I roll into the local super market and hit up the chips isle.  It doesn’t take long to spot the new Lays flavors as there are life size cut outs of Chef Micheal Symon and Eva Longoria staring at me…pointing to the chips.  Part of me wants to try the Chicken and Waffles just for pure curiosity, however I refrain as I am on an important research mission for the Cheesy Garlic Bread chips.

I secure the package.

The Results:

After scarfing down a good two handfuls and applying all relevant scientific protocols I have come up with the following conclusion……They are just “OK”.  The concept is brilliant but the execution is a bit lacking.  You definitely get the cheesy part – I’d say the combination of cheeses are the dominate flavor.  The garlic flavor is very mellow.  Actually I didn’t really get the garlic flavor until after stopping to consume the chips. The aftertaste had more of a garlic note than when eating the chips.

I ran the chips by my wife as an unbiased third party and she had the same impression.  Definitely get the cheese but not a ton of garlic.

I ran the chips by my other control group – my 5 year old daughter.  Her reply was “mmmm cheesy, hand the bag over dad and no one gets hurt”.  All focus groups should consist of 5 and 6 year olds – the world would be a much better place.

So there you have it.  I would give these chips a 2, maybe 2.5 cloves out of five.  They are definitely good (and cheesy).  They just lacked more of a garlicky kick in my opinion.  Have you tried these chips or the other two flavors? If so, I would love to hear your opinions!

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